Setting traps for common weasel, Poland 2008

Jeroen Mos (1976) grew up in the city of Den Helder, the Netherlands. After secundary school he followed a training Cattle-breeding and Animal care and the B.Sc. course Animal Management. He visited Canada and Scotland to participate in research projects on pine marten and common weasel. He obtained an M.Sc. degree in Forest and Nature Conservation at Wageningen University were he studied the diet of badgers at the Veluwe and the effect of metabolic rates on the wintersurvival of rootvoles in Eastern Poland.

Currently he works as an ecological consultant at Econsultancy in the Netherlands . His areas of interest are; nature conservation, animal ecology, mustelids, predator-prey interactions and spatial behavior of mammals.

Footprints of badger, november 2010

All pictures copyright J.Mos 2010

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