American Marten Martes americana fieldstudy, Nova Scotia Canada

Several years ago the Wildlife Division of Nova Scotia's Department of Natural Resources started a fieldstudy to determine the habitat use and distribution of one of it's endangered species, the Pine Marten. Weymouth area in the south of the province and the more rugged Cape Breton Highlands in the north were used as the two major study area's including 12 different research sites.

Location of the study area's and an article about the pine marten recovery project in Nature's Resources (click to see).

Live trapping sessions resulted in several animals which were collared with AVM and Holohill transmitters. For several months these animals were tracked and locations were recorded. "Livetrap crew", Bell Lake area, CB Highlands

Snowdrifts along the skidoo tracks on Highland Road, CB Highlands. Coffeebreak while checking a bobcat trapline at the mainland.

A trapped pine marten and an unwanted bycatch of American mink (Mustela vison)

Leaving Kentville for a telemetry session on the major logging roads in the Weymouth area.

Hairsnags are used to collect hairsamples for genetic research in order to proof marten presence."Hairsnag-team" on Kelly's Mountain, CB Highlands

This female animal was collared in January 2003 and found back several months later (May) while she was resting in her den.